A downloadable game

A game about dodging sideways (the only way you can move) and avoid all sorts of obstacles.

It has 5 levels and is non-infinite so you can complete in like 3 minutes and enjoy the "WIN Screen" :)

Each level has a slightly different challenge based on the obstacles that move differently, and levels also have a different theme.

I made a video about the making of this game on youtube! Enjoy :D


Rolling Downhill.rar 35 MB

Development log


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Great little game made in a short space of time. Thought it was going to lose my head trying to complete this game :') 2nd level and the last level really got to me but you know, thats the point! I like the art style and the thought behind the game. Good job! :) 


Thank you for playing :)


Great game for a week! I only wish that there was a menu/UI especially when you beat the game. 

Yup I know! I ran out of time so I had to just release the core of the game :D Thanks for playing!